Petrofac's (POFCF) CEO Ayman Asfari Explains Q2 2015 Outcomes.

November 4, 2017

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As I took note in the course of our final call, combination discounts in 2014 went beyond $ONE HUNDRED thousand bucks as well as our company expect to obtain extra expense reductions of about $50 million in 2015 which when attained will definitely amount to over $200 million of financial savings because the financial close from our Shaw purchase.

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Bottom line derivable to AirMedia's investors for the third quarter from 2015 was actually US$ 9.7 thousand, compared with bottom line attributable to AirMedia's investors of US$ 5.5 million in the very same period one year ago and also net loss derivable to AirMedia's shareholders from US$ 19.4 million in the previous fourth.

The year-over-year reduction was actually primarily as a result of a soft marketing market as well as the divestiture of TV-attached electronic structures and also digital TV screens in airports in February 2015, as previously discussed in our very first one-fourth 2015 financial results.

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